Peggy Warren

Breaking Through with the Spirit by Peggy Warren

Breaking Through with the Spirit

The book is a series of message poems that came to me one morning when I was depressed. Rather than wallow in my bed, I was directed to get up, pick up a pen and write down what turned out to be inspired and mood lifting messages. Because the messages were so universal it was requested by friends that I accompany the poems with meaningful photos and publish a book so that the feelings could be shared. My photographer friend took me to her favorite garden in search of the perfect flower images that she photoed to enhance the poems."


:   40 Pages


:   Rustik Haws LLC (March 31, 2020)


:   English


:   1952244803


:   978-1952244803

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:   5.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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:   2.1 ounces

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:   $9.95

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