Peggy Warren

Gathering Peace by Peggy Warren

Gathering Peace

Gathering Peace is the story of forty year old Sam, who quits his job, buys a 36 ft Airstream trailer, sells his house and puts his wife, three children and a toy poodle into the tralier and sets off across the country in search of a new career idea.

Unfamiliar with noisy trailer parks, Sam spends a lot of time hollering "All I want is peace and quiet."Upset by her dad"s frustration, eleven year old Zoey goes on a search for the meaning of peace so she can give it to him for his birthday,. Although Zoey's search is fictional, the journey is fact. In the parks, Zoey interviews an incredible array of characters who tweak her imagination into providing Dad with an inventive gift The true part of the story includes entertaining relationships betweem the family and the people and circumstances they encounter along the way. What Sam comes up with as an actual new career idea, as well as twists and turns in Zoey's fictional search, the story provides not only rich entertaininment, but a truly inspirational and evocative read.


:   270 Pages


:   Rustik Haws LLC (July 30, 2019)


:   English


:   195114712X


:   978-1951147129

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