Peggy Warren

Where Love Goes by Peggy Warren

Gathering Peace

Where Love Goes is a story told in verse and drawings about understanding that loss is just one of many feelings,  some big and some small. “Loss is a big one, and sadness is too. When our doggies die it’s okay to feel blue.” It goes on to say,  "Imagining where our doggies go, Will help us to live with what we don’t know,”  After  illustrating our imaginings, the story  ends with, “We decide in our hearts whatever we want, whatever we feel, and remembering their joy will help our hearts heal.”


:   36 pages


:   Rustik Haws LLC (December 11, 2019)


:   English


:   1951147804


:   978-1951147808

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:   6.5 x 0.1 x 6.5 inches

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:   2.2 ounces

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:   $9.95

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