Peggy Warren

Where Love Is by Peggy Warren

Gathering Peace

Where Love Is, is a story told in verse and drawings, dealing with visiting the different parts of ourselves, and how, “I’m never too sure just who I will find, when I go inside to visit my mind. Sometimes myself is terribly sad, and sometimes myself is totally glad.” After illustrations of experiencing different feelings, the story ends with,  “When I go to visit myself today. if  I find that I don’t want to come out and play, I won’t be upset that I came to call, I’ll  go in and give me a hug, that’s all."


:   36 pages


:   Rustik Haws LLC (December 11, 2019)


:   English


:   1951147812


:   978-1951147815

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:   6.5 x 0.1 x 6.5 inches

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:   2.2 ounces

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:   $9.95

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